About Me

Hi, welcome to GTCoding. I am Godson Thomas. I love programming and creating something awesome using different programming languages. I started a YouTube channel called GTCoding, quite some time back to teach the basics about programming. Now, it has mainly become a channel where I teach about web designing and development. As the channel started getting some good feedback, I thought of creating this website alongside the channel.

This website is not completely about web designing and development tutorials. Although I will write some tutorials from once in a while. In this website, I am focused on letting you know about the latest trends in technology, especially in programming and web. I also write articles about some awesome tools for programming. I wanted to make this website for a broader audience.

You can also find Mini Projects in the Projects section of this website. I will provide you with a link to the source code of the projects and a brief tutorial. You can download the source and learn how it is built.

Please make sure you visit this site often and bookmark this site in your browser. If you are interested in video tutorials about web dev and programming you can visit my YouTube channel If you are interested in contacting me, you can do so on my Facebook page or use this contact page.