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Posted by Godson on July 4, 2018
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This is an app called Facts Finder which fetches a random fact about the date given by the user. It also has the ability to randomly select a date by itself and display a fact related to that date. It has a simple user interface and it basically is for visitors to check what was special at the time of their birthdate. This makes it even more interesting and engaging to the visitor. Check out the demo here.

In the app, there is a dropdown for date clicking which the user can select a date. The year is not important here because the facts being fetched are of the date specified but may have a different year. This makes it easy to have more than 1 fact for a particular date.

So, now let us review the technologies used in this app

Technology used

This app is created using React JS. It is a JavaScript library to create User Interfaces. I am not going to give you a detailed introduction to React in this article. We are using the NumbersAPI to fetch different facts about the dates. We are also using a package called react-datepicker to display the date dropdown.

The source code

You can download the source code from GitHub. Here is the link.
I hope creating this app has helped you in learning at least a little bit about how React apps are made. Thanks for reading. Happy coding!

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